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Groovebox Memories - Digital image

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A slow debut. The writing process took three to four years and had its ups and downs. As they entered a period of doubt, the idea of a future as a band suddenly became blurry. Their previous sound became a point of stress as Tin Fingers didn’t want to reconnect with their past. A new method was unavoidable. Singer Felix Machtelinckx desperately pushed the pause button hoping, when returning to the music, a fresh overview would present itself.
During that pause, Machtelinckx accepted a writing and producing job for Arsenal. An adventure with a new colour. After writing for a year, back and forth with Hendrik Willemyns (Arsenal), ‘Rhythm of the Band’ releases in April 2021. With a new feeling and a small but glowing fire burning inside of him, Machtelinckx dives back into the debut album of Tin Fingers. After the pulling out of synth player Michaël Lamiroy, and other setbacks and distractions, Machtelinckx began searching for the roots and original point of interest as a band, accompanied by guitarist and co-writer Quinten de Cuyper.
They stumble upon old gloomy folk songs they made long ago. Their first songs were strange, dark, and already, even made at a young age, filled with nostalgia. These, for them ancient sounding songs, were contrasted and accompanied by old grooveboxes. The vintage sounding rhythms were crucial for Tin Fingers. Through sampling and reshaping these beats, they stumbled upon what they’ve become today. Drummer Marnix van Soom and bass player Simen Wouters influenced the music with their organic but yet punchy layers. Despite everything, the band felt complete again. Together, and with some wild detours, they started to finalize the debut album.
Tin Fingers has regained direction and is ready for a new chapter called Groovebox Memories.